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July 7 - August 6, 2020 

Every Tues & Thurs

7AM to 9AM

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Dates / Times

$200 / FULL

(all 10 sessions) 
$150 / HALF

(any 5 sessions)

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Stratham Hill Park 

270 Portsmouth Avenue Stratham, NH 03885

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Camp Overview

Each day will feature safe and fun trail running coached by experienced adult runners.


Every other session will also include either a team-building exercise designed to further engage runners, or an expert guest speaker on site to discuss running-related topics like race strategy, hill running technique, injury prevention, nutrition, and more. Learn more about our staff and speakers here


Stratham Hill Park features a network of trails systems that covers hundreds of acres of single-track, tractor paths, and open fields, all with plenty of hills, flats, and gentle grades that makes for perfect trail running terrain. There is parking, restrooms, and pavilion space for gathering. 

Camp Goals

B.A.S.E. XCamp is designed to physically and mentally prepare high school athletes for the upcoming cross country season, as follows:


Build a strong foundation of mileage and community


Acclimate the body to heat and increased training load


Strengthen the body and mind for peak racing


Encourage dedication, resiliency, and a lifelong love of running

What Each Camper Gets

All campers will receive a B.A.S.E. XCamp t-shirt and sponsor-packed swag bag at the start of camp, plus an online booklet detailing points from guest speakers at the close of camp. All campers will also get access to our sponsors and other vendors at our camp expo. See our full schedule to learn more about the expo. 


Breakfast snacks will also be provided to all campers in attendance.

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July 7

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Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park  

*Expect two dates to be influenced by our special events. See special events for details. Thanks! 

Special Events*

B.A.S.E. XCamp Gives Back! 

We will be working with [organization TBD] to learn more about local trails and getting hands-on trail maintenance experience. We will do our normal run, then do some trail work. Please bring gloves, a long sleeve shirt, and high socks for the trail work portion of the morning. More details on the location of this event will be shared as the date approaches.

B.A.S.E. XCamp Expo!

We will have our normal run starting at 7AM. Following the run, a guest [TBD] will speak to campers and answer questions. The rest of the morning there will be vendors on-site for campers to browse gear, take samples, and more. More details on our speaker/vendors and what to expect at this event will be shared as the date approaches.

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